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Teaching and Preaching

Teaching updates knowledge and is associated with ones mind. Preaching enhances human values and enlightens ones heart. Appreciating both teaching and preaching construct a balanced heart and mind.

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By Indunil Wanasinghe
. Origins and Development
. Test and One day Matches and team standings
. Equipment, Players, Venues
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By G.D.R Jayathunga,Amila Perera
. Details of 7 wonders of the world
. Other Famous Wonders
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By Kamani Jayalath
. Cinnamon of Sri Lanka
. Cultivation, harvesting and export
. Cinnamon as a medicine
. Cinnamon as a spice
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By Sri Lanka Telecom
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By Jagath Deerasekara
.The Art of the seeing.
. Writing essays with pictures.
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By Dilshan Waas
.Internet basic services
. Business enabling services
. Advantages of Data Mining
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By Nalaka Siriwardena
.Why Submarine Cables?
. Desk Top Study (DTS)
. Installation... Survey
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By S Samararatne
. Characteristics of Thunderstorm
. Lightning, Tornadoes,
. Characteristics of a Hurricanes
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By N Dhammika Amarasinghe
. Layers of the Earth, tectonic plates, faults
. How earthquakes occur, Richter scale
. Definition of Tsunami . Tsunami warning system
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By M.A Daya Ranjin
. Evaluating communication needs
. Market conditions and drivers
. Architectures
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By Nuwan Waas
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By P.A Lal
History of Karma Theory
Indian Philosophies before Buddha
Five Niyamas or forces
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By N.S Geethanjan
. Characteristics of a olive plant
. Origins and History of Olives
. Uses of Olives
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By Nayana Jagoda
. History of Chilly
. Types of Chillies, World Export,br>. Types of chilly in Sri Lanka
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By Amila Perera
. Types of Calendars
. Definition of Equinox
. Sri Lankan Calendar
. Sinhala Tamil New Year
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By G.T.D.C. Kumara
Method of operation
System Design
Equipment Mounting
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By Janaka Harambearachchi
.Interfaces for HDD
RAID Levels
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By Amila Perera
. The Manhatton Project
. The People
. Nuclear Fission, Death Toll
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By Hasanthi Dayarathna
. History of Tea
. Botanical Information of Tea
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By Chamara Perera, P.A. Lal
. History of Sri Lanka
. Diversification and Unification
. Kings and Kingdoms of Sri Lanka
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By J.N Wickramasinghe
. Netball History
. Objective of the game
. The Rules of the game
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By Upali Jayawardena
. Origin of plants
. Available species in Sri Lanka.
. Distribution of rice in Sri Lanka.
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By Nirmala De Silva
. Gem formation
. Why are Gems cut and their value
. Gems in Sri Lanka, Export
. Gem Stone for the month and day
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By M.A Daya Ranjini
. Types of Wildlife protected areas
. Nation Parks of Sri Lanka
. Endangered species and reasons
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By Upali Jayawardena
. What is Lionism
. Melvin jones-The Founder
. Lions Code of Ethics
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By R.M.T.D Rathnayaka - Mirigama
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By Iternity
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By P. Prashanth
Physical Characteristics
Cultivation and Uses
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By Sarath Dhamathilaka
. History and characteristics of Cocoa
. Cocoa production, harvesting
. Export
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By A.M.L.N. Gurathilaka
History of the Game
Basic Features of the Game
Rules & Regulations
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By Dhammika N Amarasinghe
.History of Christmas
.Sanata Clause
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By Damitha Angunawala
.Uncommon Knowledge abount Plants
Coconut in Sri Lanka
Coconut Oil.
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By Sri Lanka telecom
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By Sarath Dharmathilaka
.dishes and Preparations
.Commercial availability
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By M.A Dayaranjani
.Why fragrance important
.Essential oil
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By H.J.N.G. De SIlva
Brief description Of Internet Society
Basics of IPN Architechture
Possible Configurations
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By Chailagoaban .T & Jayathunga G.D.R.
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By Madhawa Wijayaratne
.Taste & Smell
.medical properties
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By Jayathunga
.General Behaviour Patterens of Sea Turtles
.Physical Characteristics
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By S.K Sandanayaka
.Fish Keeping
.Fish Keeping Essentials Keeping Essentials.
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By DPN Samarasiri & Nirmala De Silva
.The word “Pyramid” literally means
.Interior View of Pyramid
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By H.D.T.R Gunasekara
.The Pará rubber tree
.Successful cultivation
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By N Dhammika Amarasinghe
. History of Soccer
. Laws and Rules of Soccer,
Teams, Equipment
. World Cup
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By .L.P.I.M Hissalle
.Field Trials in Remote areas
.The Technique used…..
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By Janaka Harambearachchi
.Von Neumann Computer Model
.Types of BUS
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By Janaka Harambearachchi
.1st, 2nd, 3rd generations
.Microprocessor Evolution
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By K Vicknarajah
. Why it is celebrated
. Pongal Preparation
. Which parts of Sri Lankan celebrates Thaipongal
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.Types of Orchids
How to care Orchids.
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By T Chailagoaban
What is Coral
. Anatomy of a coral
. Climate conditions Suitable for Corals
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